Dan Darko, PhD 

President & Executive Director

Dan is Professor of New Testament Studies at Gordon College, MA. His ministry involvements include being a Regional Director and later the Director of Specialized Ministries & Missions in Ghana Youth for Christ. He has held pastoral positions in Ghana, Croatia, England and the United States, and speaks regularly at Christian conferences and leadership training programs in Africa, Europe and America.

He is a graduate of Ghana Christian University (Ghana), Evangelical Theological Seminary (Croatia), Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and Leeds University (UK). He earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree from King's College, University of London (UK). He is the author of No Longer Living as the Gentiles: Differentiation and Shared Ethical Values in Ephesians 4.17-6.9 (London: T&T Clark, 2008), editor (with Beth Snodderly) of First the Kingdom of God: Global Voices on Global Mission (Pasadena: William Carey International University Press, 2014) and a contributing author of Global Voices: Reading the Bible in the Majority World (Peabody: Hendrickson, 2013), The Handbook to Social Identity and the New Testament (London: T&T Clark, 2014) and Exploring Biblical Kinship (CBQMS 55; Washington DC: The Catholic Biblical Association of America, 2015). He is also a contributing writer in the forthcoming Africa Study Bible. Dan is the author of several articles and book reviews as well. He is married to Maryl (1998) and has two daughters (Esther and Debbie).