Andrew Stoner, MBA  


Andrew is a career counselor at Southern Methodist University. He grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and gave his life to Christ at a young age. He has been very active in Christian service in the local church setting, para-church ministries and oversea mission programs. His interest in Africa became more acute in his teenage years when he had the opportunity to participate with a short-term mission team that worked with Youth for Christ in Ghana. Later, he joined the ‘What’s Up? America Tour’ in 1999 and traveled with 35 college-aged students on a youth missions trip to all 50 United States and capital cities.  As a servant leader, he has been an organizer for youth programs, prayer networks, and an active leader in his local church. Currently, he and his wife serve as a CARES Team for their apartment community. Andrew holds a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Xavier University.